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Non-Disclosure Agreement

This agreement, between:

The CUSTOMER , henceforth known as the discloser

---- and ----
SHADOWS AND GLASS DESIGNS,  henceforth known as the disclosee.


This Agreement shall govern the conditions of disclosure by the discloser to the disclosee of certain "Confidential Information" - including but not limited to prototypes, drawings, data, trade secrets and intellectual property legally belonging to discloser.


With regard to the Confidential Information, disclosee hereby agrees:

1. Not to use the information except for evaluating its interest in entering a business relationship with discloser

2. Not to disclose the information to others, without the express written permission of discloser, except:

      a. when disclosee can demonstrate by written records the information was previously known;

      b. when the information now, or in the future, becomes public knowledge;

      c. when lawfully obtained by disclosee from sources independent of discloser

3. Not to directly or indirectly acquire any interest in, or design, create, manufacture, sell or otherwise deal with any item or product, based upon the information, except as may be expressly agreed to in writing by discloser

4. That the secrecy obligations of disclosee with respect to the information shall continue for a period ending 2 years from the date hereof.


This Agreement will be governed by Jurisdiction Country Law, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Jurisdiction Country Courts.