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Custom Laser Designs & Services


The "Request Quote" links below will take you through 3 steps: (all steps must be completed to obtain a quote)

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      2) Completion of the Request for Quote form. (to describe the details of your project)

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Custom Services

Custom Laser Cutting/Engraving




      Have a “laser-able” project, but can’t afford to buy a laser cutter/engraver? Let us know what you need and we’ll give you a low-cost quote for top-notch results. You can find examples of some of our custom projects on the IDEAS page.

3d Model Creation/Repair 




      Do you need a 3d model, but have no experience with CAD? Have you downloaded a free .STL file for your 3d printer and it just won’t print?

      Send us your files/drawings and an explanation of the problem and we’ll see what we can do to help. Pricing varies greatly with complexity, but we may be able to fix your issue(s) with little-to-no cost, so request your risk-free quote today.

Project Documentation/Build Files




      Need detailed drawings and/or build instructions for your new project and just don’t know where to start?

      Bridging the gap from concept to manufacturing can be a daunting task. Let S&G DESIGNS help you bring out your ideas and document them in a format that manufacturers recognize and can use to bring your project/product to life.

      May Include:

  • Detailed elevations/ISOs
  • Dimensions/Tolerances/Finishes
  • Process Requirements
  • Bills of material
  • Schematics/Diagrams
  • Assembly Instructions